We strive to make our sites one-stop destinations for contractors. Five of our six sites allow you to dump your job-site organic waste (see services) when you come to our site. You can then load your truck with a wide variety of finished landscape products. Our sixth site in White Township (Warren County) does not allow disposal, but you can leave the site with a full range of mulches, soils, or compost.


Available For Pick-up & Delivery

Soils & Compost

Available For Pick-up & Delivery

Hardwood Mulch

Double ground mulch from deciduous trees, with no conifers, or lumber. Provides a wonderful finished look to any landscape.

Organic Topsoil

Organic waste allowed to compost into soil. Sand may be added for additional texture. Ideal for plantings and turf installations.

Colored Mulches

Available in Red, Brown & Black
Mix of hard and soft woods for maximum color retention and durability.


Organic waste allowed to compost, with no additives like sand in the finished product. Ideal for growing plants, can also be used as a topdressing mulch.

Organic Mulch

Compost-like mulch – ideal for topdressing beds, perennials, annuals and vegetables.